Process Optimization & Controls

Two common challenges typically exist when looking at energy and operational efficiency solutions: Obtaining real-time data cost effectively and deriving actionable insights from the data in order to drive energy efficiency. These challenges increase dramatically when organizations must balance energy consumption with regulatory and other primary demands.

For our clients, optimizing consumption requires real-time energy data on an individual load level basis in order to modify any operation effectively.  The goal is to baseline usage, evaluate processes, and adjust where possible to meet energy conservation goals.

The Digital Water platform is specifically designed for water-related customers seeking to manage treatment and meet compliance standards at the lowest delivered cost. Our operator “suggestion engine” takes real-time inputs including time-of-day, process conditions, current electric rates, flow rates and many others parameters to optimize energy-use.

Our platform can operate entirely outside a facility’s network, or integrate with SCADA systems to control devices with discretionary load. Controllable loads may include large process-related devices that are traditionally managed by SCADA systems, as well as lighting, HVAC and other building loads. As a cloud-based solution with easy-to-use drivers to add devices, users have the flexibility to modify process methods quickly and evaluate the impact.

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