Shutterstock Hand IpadDigital Water solutions provide organizations of all sizes access to meaningful information – critical data that for years has been overlooked or perhaps ignored.  The market is alive with people talking about smart water networks, the internet of things, M2M, and interaction with the smart-grid, but what does it all mean?

Our job is help you get a handle on “solving energy” for your organization – whatever that means to you. We focus on solutions for a broad range of customer-driven initiatives that have one common theme- access to actionable data.  Whether you’re an ESCO looking for better tools for monitoring and verification, or a facility manager looking to impact your operation, we can help.

As an example of our value, we often find that demand charges constitute a significant portion (50%) of an organization’s electric bill.  As a result, it is important to have the ability to manage and reduce these demand costs by understanding what is driving them.  Historically, many organizations have guessed at their demand loads and attempted to minimize the impact from usage spikes during peak hours.

Our Solutions

The Digital Water platform replaces trial and error strategies taking the guesswork out of the process. Our device-level visibility into energy usage enables organizations with one site or multiple sites the ability to save energy costs by controlling and actively managing energy rates by shifting loads or shedding loads in real time. With our platform, companies are able to predict and benchmark energy usage, and take control over their demand charges.  Our customers gain a true understanding of energy peaks – by measuring the exact peak profile, knowing exactly when these peaks occur and what devices are causing it. Given our expertise in treatment process, we can help you solve what needs to change in order to avoid it – retrospectively through analysis and in real time through our Suggestion Engine.