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The Digital Water platform collects, analyzes, and displays different data streams in order to inform decisions. It’s a set of tools designed to help teams manage the second highest expense for most treatment facilities — enabling them to identify opportunities for cost savings while improving water-related outcomes.



Digital Water collects information that impacts overall energy usage and costs (e.g. consumption, real-time pricing, operational data, weather) through a variety of data sources (e.g. utility bills, smart meters, building automation/SCADA systems). The software manages and analyzes the data to provide actionable insights for teams.



The platform improves highlights and clarifies the balance between water quality and energy consumption. Monitoring this interaction on one dashboard is highly beneficial for facilities, often providing valuable learnings regarding modified treatment options and long-term cost savings.


For Whom:

Digital Water’s platform was developed with the following industries in mind: water utilities, wastewater facilities, electric utilities, and industrial plants. The platform is ideally suited for the water sector, where energy is a significant operating expense for every facility.


By Whom:

Our team has deep domain expertise in water and wastewater, having leveraged years of operational and design expertise to develop the Digital Water platform. Facilities cannot arbitrarily change operations to meet an energy goal, so we are highly thoughtful at the outset of each project, evaluating what is possible and creating achievable solutions.



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