The industrial sector of the U.S. economy consumes almost one-third of all the energy that is used on an annual basis.  Industrial facilities are driven by the need to meet production while minimizing energy-use and waste.  Regardless of size, facility managers must focus on energy procurement and energy management as key drivers to remain cost-competitive on a global scale.

While energy management systems have been applied to the industrial and manufacturing sector for a number of years, more recently, the use of big data analytics has changed how facilities interact with power markets as an input to the industrial process.

Industrial Big Data-01

The Digital Water Energy Management System (EMS) provides:

  • Real-time visibility to electricity demand for submetered components. Actionable data is displayed to operators via web, mobile or SCADA
  • Rules-based suggestion engine controlled by the operator, to load- shed/shift/shape during high demand events or peak-trending periods
  • Interaction with power markets through load aggregation including standard demand response and customized programs