Utilities have an opportunity to engage with clients across the water sector like never before.  While the demands on utilities today are significant, empowering customers with information to create energy awareness and greater satisfaction shouldn’t be a struggle.  For many water-related organizations, historical priorities have focused on treatment and delivery – less on cost.  As organizations build greater interest and competence for sustainable treatment, the need to understand energy-use in the context of tariffs will increasingly come into sharper focus. Both competitive and non-competitive utilities can engage with customers to create awareness and price transparency through real-time reporting tools that lead to smarter energy consumers.Utilities Big Data-01

The Digital Water Energy Management System (EMS) provides:

  • Real-time visibility to total demand and sub-metered components.  Utilities can leverage our tools to evaluate and modify best-use rates structures
  • Rules-based suggestion engine controlled by the operator, to load- shed/shift/shape during high demand events or peak-trending periods.  Integrate with our rate engine for real-time input to optimize process and reduce demand
  • Interaction with power markets through load aggregation including demand response and customized programs