Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater industry relies heavily on grid-supplied electrical energy to power equipment for conveyance and treatment of water. Large blowers, pumps, mixers and motorized processes handling millions of gallons of water per day are among the largest energy expenses for most municipalities.  The challenge for these facilities is managing the regulatory demands for proper treatment with the need to reduce energy consumption wherever possible.  Many facilities operate within a structure where visibility or attention to energy cost is not or has not been a priority.  Given the trends in energy rates and access to actionable data, management teams are engaging like never before.

Digital Water provides solutions to improve efficiency, manage loads and lower costs by fine-tuning timing of operations relative to each other and to the time of day. Our tools are specifically designed for wastewater facilities to monitor, analyze and adjust plant process energy usage with sufficient granularity to reduce energy-related costs.WW Big Data-01

The Digital Water Energy Management System (EMS) provides:

  • Real-time visibility to electricity demand for submetered components. Actionable data is displayed to operators via web, mobile or SCADA
  • Rules-based suggestion engine controlled by the operator, to load- shed/shift/shape during high demand events or peak-trending periods
  • Interaction with power markets through load aggregation including standard demand response and customized programs