Water Treatment

With pumps, motors, and other equipment operating 24/7 at water facilities across the country, these facilities can be the largest consumers of energy in a community.   Today’s demands on water professional are greater than ever.  To keep rates affordable, they must manage with less funding, less staff, less space and of course, less energy consumption.

Digital Water allows plant management to quickly gather and analyze extensive real-time operating data by effectively monitoring and managing critical loads.

The Digital Water Energy Management System (EMS) provides:WW Big Data-01

  • Real-time visibility to electricity demand for submetered components. Actionable data is displayed to operators via web, mobile or SCADA
  • Rules-based suggestion engine controlled by the operator, to load- shed/shift/shape during high demand events or peak-trending periods
  • Interaction with power markets through load aggregation including standard demand response and customized programs