Energy Management Hardware

Digital Water’s energy management hardware is comprised of real-time load-level submetering of devices that enable the management of energy endpoints.  Our controllers, submeters and sensors work together to set and measure desired outcomes and report with granular-level detail. The integration of hardware with our cloud-based energy management software platform, provides straightforward, actionable insight to help you understand energy costs quickly.

We work with clients to evaluate and design energy data solutions for individual or multi-site locations.  We also work with integrators, resellers and other IT professionals to help meet client objectives.


Hardware Components



Any number of process probes/sensors can be integrated with the Digital Water platform including, but not limited to:

  • Process Probes (Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, Nitrate, Ammonia, pH)
  • Flow Meters
  • Level Sensors
  • Temperature
  • Gas Concentration



Controllers are used to control and manage the energy consumption of different loads within a facility.

  • Integrate across a variety of automation platforms
  • Can be used to toggle or turn down equipment within a facility



In order to determine which processes and equipment are having the biggest effect on a facility’s power usage and spending, submeters, which monitor both current and voltage, are installed.

  • Wireless to eliminate expensive communications wiring
  • Multicircuit – one bridge can monitor up to 250 devices
  • Quick installation – full installation of submeters can be accomplished in less than a day at most facilities



The gateway acquires the data from the sensors, submeters, and controllers and relays that information to the Digital Water Cloud.  The gateway can also acquire other pertinent data from the facility and push that data to the cloud.

  • Communicates over cellular modem eliminating the need to use the facility internet connection
  • Easy to install – 120 VAC power connection is all that is required