Energy Management Platform

Digital Water is a fully-delivered, cloud-based energy management solution, that utilizes hardware, software and professional services to gain device-level visibility and actionable intelligence. Our platform empowers customers through real-time insight, analysis and user-level controls to interact and benefit from the expanding smart-grid infrastructure. In short, we deliver bottom-line and operational benefits for customers interested in “solving energy”.

The advent of cloud-based energy monitoring and control systems allow organizations the ability to leverage web-based solutions to quickly gather and analyze extensive real-time operating data cost effectively. Reducing cost can be accomplished by effectively monitoring and managing critical loads often in conjunction with pre-existing plant-wide supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

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Key Benefits

  • Intuitive interface and management tools for broad user-base
  • Suggestion-based rules engine keeps energy managers/operators in control
  • Centralized monitoring, maintenance and software updates
  • Event triggers driven by thresholds, time-of-use, and predictive events
  • Alerts and messaging to individuals or identified groups