Energy Management Services

With expertise in power markets and the controls industry, we provide the necessary data and economic overview for energy consumers to make informed decisions on how and when to use energy. The Digital Water platform provides an unparalleled view as to how your facility is performing and where you’re consuming electricity across the organization. Our team of energy advisors have years of practical experience within the water and wastewater market, combined with electric utility expertise to maximize operational savings.

Smart Grid Engagement

Through our partnership with NorthBridge Energy Partners, we specialize in helping customers navigate the intersection of electricity markets and energy consumption strategies. Many consumers use electricity with little awareness of the underlying electricity market and tariff structures. They often think about their electricity bill as a fixed cost, when in fact, it is a very dynamic cost center that can be actively managed.

NorthBridge Energy Partners and Digital Water, together, can tell you what your various energy consuming assets are costing and how to minimize your overall cost exposure. This may involve activity as straightforward as evaluating energy consumption within the context of your utility tariff, or it may involve somewhat more complex approaches, including demand management and facility optimization within competitive power markets.  Whatever your challenge, let’s solve it.