Energy Intelligence Software

Our energy intelligence tools provide actionable data for you to effectively and efficiently manage energy use. Our intuitive dashboards put you in the middle of the action so you can make real-time or day-ahead decisions to optimize energy use.  The Digital Water solutions are designed to give instant, highly-granular views on precisely how and where your organization consumes energy.  Our technology generates detailed reports for each meter point across multiple facilities all rolled up to a secure portal.  We leverage the detailed data to empower you, your staff, or any user-approved personnel to take appropriate action, based on accurate, real-time information.

Take it to the Next Level

We help customers identify savings opportunities through our industry expertise and then realize those savings through our software. The Digital Water Suggestion Engine™ provides an automated tool for operators and energy managers to set specific performance rules.  These If-Then rules statements can be implemented through a drop-down menu or built on-the-fly by the customer. The “suggestions” are an automated output of design enhancements put in place to optimize your performance. Like any suggestion, these recommendations can be honored or not, depending on real-time conditions – you’re in total control.